Verizon Trade In Scam Continues
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Recently Traded in two Verizon Phones as a long term customer via their Sales Team Phone Service, the agent promised trade-in values for each phone after we upgraded service and phones. The new phones and service was started and both older phones were sent in in very good to excellent condition. In a classic bait and switch, Verizon provided a trade-in value that approximated their agents numbers for 1 phone but has refused to honor their agents claim for the second phone, going as far as to say the trade-in value is 0.00 via their online trade-in status for the second phone. On top of that they haven't even attempted to notify us of the scam (had to search it out online) or attempt to wait for hours to be directed to a U.S. based representative. To say that I'm unhappy with Verizon Wireless at this point would be an understatement, especially after paying for two new completely top of the line phones with accessories added, added a new wireless Watch, and paying two statements, new contracts, and upfront fees already. Our Sales Rep promised that the billing situation would need a few cycles to even out, never happened, and still no credit for second phone. Oh, and they still have the second traded in phone. Disgusted!