Verizon Trade In Status - No updates

Good afternoon - I mailed in my trade in phone on 10/2/21 and per the UPS tracker, it says delivered on 10/7/21.  However when I check my submission ID as of today (10/28/21), it is still on the initiated step telling me to ship in the phone.  

Note: I had a total of 4 trade ins for my account.  Two of them were sent a week later than this one and they have all been processed and I see the monthly credits in my account already.  What is going on with this one??? It is really concerning to see that there is no update on this trade in when my other three have already been processed.

All I keep hearing from Verizon agents is that they see that it is delivered based on my UPS tracking number BUT I SEE THAT as well.  I want to know WHY is Verizon not updating the status on their end if this is the case? Is my phone just sitting somewhere in the warehouse and no one is processing it? Is it lost in the warehouse? Previous agent I spoke to said it should be inspected in 8-10 days from the time we spoke but still no updates on the submission ID.