Verizon Trade-In issue

I was recently notified by Verizon that I was due for a free upgrade.  I have been a loyal customer since 1999.  I went to the store and told the sales person that I was eligible for upgrade and was just looking for the most recent version of the phone I had (S10), which was the S22.  But then I was told that it wasn't free (I was told up to $800) and that the only way to get the discount was for me to change my phone number by basically signing up for a new account!

Why would I have to start as basically a new customer in order to get a free upgrade that was promised on my phone?  Plus I didn't want to change my phone number as I have had the same one for many years.  The only other option I had was to increase my account to unlimited which would be an extra $20+ a month.  I could have walked away without accepting that, but my old phone was starting to have some issues so I really did need a new one.  

I don't mind signing a new contract saying I will stay with them for a certain number of years for a free upgrade, but to be told that the only way I can get the free new phone is for me to either start a new account as basically a new customer and changing my phone number, or upgrade my data to unlimited which I didn't need, is ridiculous.  I was actually prompted by a Verizon Customer Service Rep a couple of years ago that I could lower my plan because I wasn't using that much data and it was a waste for me to pay for a higher level plan, which is why I did lower it from unlimited back then. How can Verizon treat their long standing, or even new, customers in that way?  After this contract ends I am seriously considering changing providers.

Re: Verizon Trade-In Issues
Customer Service Rep

@PaulineAH ,


Thank you for reaching out. I will be more than happy to take a look into this matter for you.


Here at Verizon we do understand how important it is to set the right expectations.



And it will be my uttermost pleasure to help you today. 


I will send you a private note, so we can discuss further.