Verizon Tradein - No Value Verizon had wrong color listed - FCC Complaint Filed

I'm at my wits end. I trade a Google Pixel 4 into Verizon in September 2021 for $800 towards a new Apple iPhone 13. When Verizon received by trade in - they evaluated it and gave me $0 in credit. The reason stated was that it wasn't the phone it had expected to receive - it was a different color. I have no idea why Verizon's system thought the phone was White when it was really Silver. It's the phone I had been using in Verizon since I bought it from Verizon. Especially confusing is that the IMEI for the phone they thought I was sending was the same as the phone they received.

I have spoken to 5 separate customer service agents over the past two months. 4 in the "trade in" service center. 4 times I have been told that I shouldn't received $0 in credit - that was an error on Verizon's part, and all 4 said I should have received $800. 4 times I have been told that they would "take care of it." 4 times NOTHING has happened.

Anyone else having similar issues? I filed an FCC complaint today. Will the FCC resolve this?

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Yes, unfortunately you are in good company.  I have spent no less than 4 hours filling out forms, talking with agents, chatting on line, and other means, all to have my trade-in request denied, expired, or some other garbage term.  I followed all instructions, sent the phone, kept all my details (which Verizon had none), and still have not been able to resolve after nearly 2 months.

I guess it is time to approach differently.  T-Mobile move (they are offering $1000 per line moved if you take your phone), posts on social media, registered complaints with FCC, Better Business Bureau, and ensuring I do my part to work towards removing as much business as possible.

Sad, great technology... been with them for over 20 years.  7 lines and never a late payment.

Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to take a closer look into your account, and assist you with your trade-in. We are definitely not ready to lose you. Besides this reply, I will also send you a Private Note, so we can continue. Thanks so much.  -Jordan