Verizon Website Not Working As Usual.

While your UX/UI has somewhat improved over the last 4 years (ridiculous!), the functionality has got far worse. Whomever company you hired to run this website is a total disaster. Just wasted 3 hours to buy a phone and can't even get to place the order. I'm being looped between the agreements and the payment back and forth. Your chat functionality becomes lost in the process which means your software vendor is deploying without any kind of testing or QA. You should fire these guys immediately and hire a reputable vendor. This is not the first time I'm wasting my time with your website, but it's the last. Just can't deal with it anymore. 

Re: Verizon Website Not Working As Usual.
Customer Service Rep

Your feedback is sincerely appreciated, aboss. I will see that the right people get it, so we can work more on the functionality. I have sent a private note to assist you with the order.