Verizon Will Not Honor Promotion
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I switched to Verizon via the BYOD promotion. When I signed-up, the fine print of the promotion stated Wavied activation fee applied as bill credit w/in 2-3 cycles. When I received my first bill, $20 was discounted from the activation fee. I called Verizon and the CSR informed me aother $20 credit would be applied on my next bill. However, the next bill arrived and did not include the credit. I called again, and this time the CSR informs me that the promotion was only for $20-off the activation fee of $40. I told the CSR that the terms stated wavied activation fee but he countered that during the day of my sign-up, Verizon was only offering a $20 credit for activation.  How do I go about getting the full activation fee waived, like it is stated on the fine print?


Re: Verizon Will Not Honor Promotion
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I just signed up and brought my phone from ATT. I did everything online and part of the promotion was a waiver of the activation fee. This only came up after I entered my phone specific info to see if the phone could transfer. Now I have my first bill and they are charging me the fee and denying it was offered. The bottom line is that it's not enough money to keep wasting waiting to get a hold of customer service and they know that. It's a shame they are so dishonest.

Re: Verizon Will Not Honor Promotion
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Oh, no! I'm sorry to learn you have had trouble reaching us about your promotion, andrewhug76! We have sent you a Private Note to best assist.-Nikki