Verizon Wireless Correspondence Team

I spoke to a customer service representative named David who has submitted something called a “360” for me, but recommended I contact the correspondence team.

I switched phone plans in November and brought a line over from ATT. We bought two iPhones under the guise of a “Buy one Get one” deal. At the store (44110 Ashburn Shopping Plaza, Ashburn, VA, 20147) we spoke to reps named Tony and Omar who told us we would be getting one phone for free. Explicitly stating we would see a charge on one line for $42.08 and an equal and opposite charge for -$42.08. I thought that was strange but it technically was free so I didn’t question it.

A month later we receive our first bill and notice a charge for $42.08 but a discount of -$16. I called customer service and told the rep about the situation and she assured us we were correct in expecting -$42.08 and she would fix it.

The following month we saw our bill was unchanged. Again we were assured it should be free and it would be rectified.

the following two months we saw some progress -$33.33 instead. We called again and again we’re assured this was incorrect and would be rectified.

It took six months before I got to David who explained that in fact $33.33 was the correct rebate as we didn’t qualify for the full rebate on “play more” only “get more” unlimited.

I have so many issues with this situation. Firstly, the confusing offset charging method is infuriating, obfuscating, and sketchy.

Secondly, the fact that you have a deal called “buy one get one” which has stipulations that make “get one” not equivalent to what is generally understood as “get one” is exactly as manipulative and elusive as the billing practices.

Finally, the fact that the phone isn’t totally free doesn’t bother me at this point nearly as much as the fact that I had to spend 6 MONTHS calling Verizon customer service thinking my bill was wrong. The fact that I had been sold a phone by a person who clearly doesn’t know his companies policies, or right out lied. The fact that 5 or 6 separate customer service representatives also did not know what was going on.

This company has lost my trust. 

Re: Verizon Wireless Correspondence Team
Customer Service Rep

bryanbyrnes, we are concerned to hear of the confusion regarding the promotion you were set up with. Certain promotions do have certain requirements that must be met to qualify for specific amounts. Buy One Get One promotions do not always equate to Buy One Get One Free. However, the details of promotions can be found on our website including the requirements for each promotion to be met. You mentioned a form was submitted, was this after you were told that $33.33 was the correct credit amount?