Verizon Wireless Has Gone Down Hill!
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Verizon seems to have a major glitch in its payment system and its phone system. 

I have had my service suspended 3 times now, after making multiple attempts to make a payment every time!

1. When I enter my billoing info online the system tells me " Invalid account number" I've tried 15 times.

2. Then I try to call and I get redirected and when trying to get through to someone an automated message that says " Live agents are not available at this time"

3. Then I go to the online chat and tell them the problem and they refer me to an 800 number, which I can't call because my service has been interrupted. Her answer was "USE A FAMILY OR NEIGHBOR'S PHONE" WOW!

4. I have a payment extension and my service is still disconnected. 

At this point, I think I just want to move all of my lines to another carrier. I have been charged 3 disconnection fees for 5 lines and it's not even my fault. Unless something changes, I have no choice but to leave Verizon. 

Has anyone else experienced the same round-robin system that won't let you pay? I've never experienced a company that didn't want to take my money??? Either this is on purpose or Verizon is being mismanaged at this point. 

Disconnecting Service for Profit?
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It appears as though Verizon is getting a lot of complaints for disconnecting service when the customer either had a payment arrangement or was trying to pay, but its system made it very difficult to pay with many "glitches".

I have been disconnected 3 times with 5 lines and tried to pay 20 times, online, by phone, and by the app. I keep getting the same error " Invalid account number". Then my service gets disconnected and I can't call out to reach anyone to pay. I get rerouted to an automated system that says "No live agents available at this time". 

For a well-oiled corporate machine, I find it hard to believe that Verizon would allow this process and glitches to happen, which makes me think that this must be on purpose to make a profit on disconnect fees. 

Does anyone else have the same issue?

Re: Verizon Wireless Has Gone Down Hill!
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Magersuccess. We are very sorry to hear about any troubles you've encountered with making your payment. We appreciate you as a customer and it would sadden us to see you go because of this. We certainly want to assist with this in every way that we can to ensure that your service is up and running correctly. So that we can see this from your eyes, can you please further describe how you are attempting to make a payment online?