Verizon Wireless Will Not Sync With Mint Intuit
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I am experiencing an issue syncing my Verizon wireless account with intuit's Mint software. This software is what I use to track personal finances and I use it for every single other account I have, except for Verizon. This is a huge inconvenience for me, and is enough motivation to leave Verizon - after 10+ years as a customer - because of the multiple benefits Mint offers in terms of managing my finances. I have seen complaints from 2018 to now, all stating the same as I have. None have been addressed except for a singular response from a representative claiming to have never heard of this issue before. Surely, by now, the issue has been fixed. I am hoping the resolution has simply yet been published and am asking what it is. Thank you. 

Re: Verizon Wireless Will Not Sync With Mint Intuit
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We understand the importance of having all your financial responsibilities in one place, so you can manage your budget. Can you please send us a Private Message, so we can discuss? *Lisa