Verizon Wireless has taken advantage of my elderly father with dementia.
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I have been helping my father with his Verizon account since he recently has been diagnosed with mild dementia.  Everything was fine for a while until I helped him recently upgrade a phone for a friend of his.  The phone was shipped to his house and since I live out of state, he went to a local Verizon store with his phone for them to transfer the information from the old phone to the new one.  And that was all they said they wanted done!  However after 2 or 3 reps were having issues with the transfer they just happened to see what other devices were on the account to see if they could 'help'.  Then they basically had him convinced that his phone and two other devices needed upgraded.

His friend actually told them to call me before making the decision and they said there is no need to call your son!  

So now he has an $800 phone he can barely use, and $250 of other equipment that wasn't needed.

When he returned to the store under the two week window they told him too bad.  He can't return the phone and they threw his old one away.

My dad is on a fixed income and even though I wasn't personally there, his friend explained to me what happened and it is shameful what the reps in that store did to him.

I am not a Verizon customer and now I will never be one. 


Re: Verizon Wireless has taken advantage of my elderly father with dementia.
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This is certainly never the experience we want anyone to have. What was the reason behind the store not accepting the return back?