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I'm just going to throw this out there and see what happens.  I have been a Sprint customer for 8 years or so, mainly because when I got my first cell phone that's all that was available where I live - Del Río, Texas.  Our residential service is provided by Verizon.  I'm just wondering if Verizon Wireless will ever make its way here.  It needs to.  I know it would put a severe dent in the other networks that currently provide service to this area.  I know that I'm not the only one here who feels the same way.  So my question is: To whom, if anyone, may we direct our request to bring Verizon Wireless service?

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Re: Verizon Wireless where I live
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According to the coverage map, most of Del Rio should be in service range. Unless you live on the very outskirts. 
Re: Verizon Wireless where I live
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Generally, this is based on 2 factors, the first of which is owning a license to provide service in the area.  Currently, VZW does not have a license to operate there.  That isn't to say there will never be one available.  Looking at the map, it seems as though Del Rio is probably not a particularly well-populated area, with the exception of a military base nearby.  Simply put, I'm sure you have little competitive effort from wireless companies, as network infrastructure is an expensive investment.  If, for instance AT&T, Sprint, and VZW all operated in the area, there simply would not be enough customers between the 3 to support the expense involved.


Verizon Wireless does have a "contact us" link on their website... this is probably your best outlet to at least get someone to look into the possibility of moving into Del Rio.

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Hello!   Yes, you can contact Verizon and ask about their future plans to put a cell site in that area.   It's been my experience that this is something they NEVER will tell you on the phone because for all they know you're from a competative network!   LOL.    They sure don't want to tell them what great potential cites they found or are competing to apply for in the future.   This is what an insider told me and it made perfect sense.


However, you can get hint by seeing who has applied for a cell site license through the FCC.   This is the central clearinghouse for what is out there and what may be coming up as all of them have to go through the FCC for license approval.   Check out the below links. The first deals with understanding coverage.   The second you can plug in your town and state and check the box saying verizon. The third site is from the FCC where you can really go to town with cell site information (it's complicated) but it is the difinitive source.   Hope any of this helps :smileyhappy: