Verizon and UPS lost my trade in

   I scheduled a trade in for my Apple XR to be delivered and got the label to send in. When I went to the UPS store, I had questions about the safety of my phone in transit. It was there I bought a slim wrap for it to be put in a box. When I realized it was the Monday of Thanksgiving week, I worried it wouldnt ship before the holiday. When the UPS guy heard my concern, he then talked to his boss and was able to confirm an overnight shipment to get there on Tuesday AM. It also involved shipping it in an express envelope, not a standard box. When he entered the address, everything lined up and it matched. I checked the shipping info the next day and saw it had been dropped off at the dock at 10 am THE NEXT DAY!!! Success right?!?! NOOOOOO Its been over 2 weeks and I have not received any notice that Verizon got it. Now I cant get a hold of anyone at Verizon, my phone is SOMEWHERE on their dock, and UPS claims they did their part by delivering it nothing more. I hate to think i got played, because I would have just traded it into Apple themselves. What do I do, can anyone at Verizon help me out?

Re: Verizon and UPS - Switched the trade in phone or Verizon trade in receiving center did a switch or mixed up my trade in
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I also traded in my phone and Verizon has not credited me with my trade in promotion value.  They are telling me that i sent a different device hence no trade in. WHAT!?? why would i be so stupid to jeopardize my trade in ?  Verizon or UPS or Staples (where i dropped off the phone) either stole/switch with a lesser value phone or Verizon/UPS did a mixed up or someone at the Verizon center switch/stole my phone and reported that they received a lesser value phone (pretty much worthless compared to mine). 

I have been chasing this down for 3 months now every time someone will tell me, it is being worked on and will get credited back magically. 

Since my situation is not a unique situation and it seems to be happening frequently, Verizon should do the investigation if there is an internal issue with the trade in receiving center as to why phones get lost or wrong phones are being reported as the trade in. 

This is very , very frustrating and it always land on deaf ears.  What is the recourse here?


Re: Verizon and UPS - Switched the trade in phone or Verizon trade in receiving center
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Hi vhnewjersey! 


We know how important it is for you to get credit for your trade! I can certainly understand why you may be alarmed and disappointed to hear that due to an incorrect device coming in, the trade will not be applied. I would like to investigate this in more detail, and see how we can help. Please reply to my Private Note, for additional assistance.