Verizon billing turnaround period

Let's look at what I believe is an unusually narrow window of time that Verizon permits for bill payments.
I'm speaking ONLY about physically mailed bills here, so please don't tell me about auto-pay or electronic options (yes, fully aware of such options but not the topic here).

Looking at my April 2022 bill as an example:
- The billing period ended on 4/12
- The bill was postmarked on 4/14
- The bill was received on 4/21 (i.e. seven days in transit with USPS)
- The payment was due on 5/4

Okay, if Verizon finds it acceptable for its bill to take seven days to arrive at my place, then Verizon must also find it acceptable for my payment to take seven days to get back to Verizon, right?
Now, if we backdate the 5/4 due date by seven days, this means that my payment must be postmarked by 4/27.
So: that means for a bill that arrived on 4/21, my payment must be in the mail no more than six days later.

Comparing my other bills (utilities, AMEX, VISA, etc.), no other company offers such a small window of turnaround time.

I won't speculate on why this policy might be advantageous to Verizon.

Re: Verizon billing turnaround period
Customer Service Rep

You have made some great points about the paper billing experience, DorothyShay. Based on the example you showed, there is a "narrow window" in which you can receive a paper bill and mail a check for payment therefore. We are glad to hear you are aware of electronic options. Did you know there is also an option to pay the bill in a local store? We recommend using a company store if you wish to use this option, so the payment will post to your account immediately. We can assure you Verizon has no control over USPS and absolutely no motivation to create the scenario you describe.