Verizon bricked my phone, then basically stole money from me

long story short... 

I tried to take advantage of the BYOD offer... phone would not activate.  Spent around 20 hours b/w phone, chat, and in store support.

at one point, a rep told me if I sign up for Verizon Home Protect it would work... needless to say, it didn't.  

Rep at store told me 'we can't activate this phone.'  This is after it was not working for 36 hours - sole method of contact, business etc.  Rep further went on to say that I would need to buy a new phone at any of the major carriers to get my number working again, so might as well do it here.

Purchased a new iPhone 13 pro (same I was going to bring over, which was only 6 months old).  Verizon then cancelled my BYOD rebate.  

After talking to Cx service, I am told 'sorry, not our problem'.  

I have nothing but regrets moving over to this company.