Verizon charging me for iphone that I have already returned
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Verizon gave me an option to upgrade my phone by returning the older version. They sent me a return sticker as well. I took the phone to UPS and packaged and sent it the very next day. I also received a confirmation email from UPS

In my next bill when I saw I was getting charged, I called up Verizon and shared my concern. Called twice and both times the customer Service reps were not only rude, they said I would need to call up UPS and file a claim. 

I did call up UPS and they said this happens with Verizon all the time and they (Verizon) need to file a claim, I could not. So Verizon reps apparently are not well informed on their company policy. Finally, I was able to get connected to a rep who actually knew the process and helped open a ticket for me. However, I am getting charged for the phone and nothing happened. 

This is the most ridiculous and unethical way of doing business. How can Verizon charge me for a phone that I returned through their selected courier and have a confirmation email on? Obviously goes without saying that I will file a complain with BBB and FTC.