Verizon commits fraud

Earlier this summer, in June, Verizon advertised a BOGO deal involving the Pixel 4.  I went through the ordering process for a new line and phone upgrade.  It took me several tries to order the phone and line -- problems with Verizon's site - I finally managed to get through the order only to discover the phone listed out of stock.  I contacted Verizon by phone, email, and through chat to which they stated that my account would get credited within two billing cycles.  

The second phone finally became available (Verizon claimed Covid) and I completed my order. Now Verizon claims that the bogo deal is no longer available and I will not receive credit.  Since I asked Verizon multiple times for confirmation before placing my order, it is clear that Verizon's intention was to commit fraud.  I am reporting this to the FCC and Atty General immediately.  

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