Verizon community access.
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Verizon.... Love getting notified about the free content exclusive from Verizon during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Would truly appreciate the opportunity to do so, but the only way to accomplish this is to do it between the hours of 1AM and 6:30AM. 

There wasn't enough bandwidth before Covid-19 and now it's even worse.

I have talked with customer service several times about this issue. The response runs the gambit from... It must be your phone, it must be the weather, it must be the time of day, we'll get someone to check on it, etc., etc.

Have you tried this? Have you tried that? You may want to purchase this.... You may have to buy that. 

We don't sell it, but you can find it on line.

It appears that "quality and connectability" are not in the "Verizon" name unless you're in a select area.

So far..... All customer service seems to be interested in is making sure I pay the bill on time and either passing the buck or the blame. I'm not sure which.

Since Verizon started breaking away from land lines in rural areas, quality and service has gone downhill.

Re: Verizon community access.
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Keeping you connected is our priority, and we always want to make sure that you receive the best available service in your area. We value your time, and would love to take a closer look into this situation. Please tell us, what exact services (data, voice, text) are being impacted? When did this first start happening? Also, what is your zip code?



Re: Verizon community access.
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This happens across all venues, voice, data, text. 

Started about a year and a half ago. Gradually getting worse as time goes on.  Multiple accounts, multiple phones. 

We have tried branded phones as well as unlocked phones with the same result.

Dropped calls or service so slow that I have reverted back to a landline for important calls.

Other Verizon customers from out of the area show up and the same .  

I was actually told by a Verizon CSR that I should talk family, friends, and neighbors into subscribing to Verizon network because......

"if the customer base expands, so will the bandwidth." 

Zip for this area is 48745. 

Sorry for the rant, but after a .... One has a tendency to be a little pis**d off at times.