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On Monday, Oct 25, my phone service started acting up. Sometimes calls wouldn't go through. Sometimes a call would go through but the person on the other end couldn't hear me. I stopped into a Verizon store and asked if there were service problems in my area (US zip code 68102). They said there were, but didn't give me any specifics. As it was, I recently bought a new phone, so while I was in the store I asked them to make an appointment for me to come in and transfer my service to the new phone. I requested Oct 27 at 6 pm. Later that day I tried to call customer support to ask about service problems. The call would go through but then the voice messaging system didn't respond (didn't hear) when I pushed a button (as in, press 1 for ...) So I started chat session. I asked the agent if there were service problems. They said, no, even though the store told me yes. I explained the problem I was having. They responded that they understood why that would be frustrating, and then the chat session ended.

On Tuesday, Oct 26, after checking my email, I discovered that the store representative had made my appointment for Oct 25, not Oct 27. So I missed the appointment I didn't know I had. Phone service was still acting up. Sometimes the person on the other end could hear me and sometimes not. So I started another chat and asked about service. This person was a little more helpful. They had me test my microphone, and it was working. They had me restart the phone (even though I had done that several times already) and had me turn off bluetooth. Then said they would be right back. And then the chat ended.

On Wednesday, Oct 27, I tried to make an appointment through the web site. It confirmed that I had made an appointment and that I would get an email. I didn't get the email. I tried again. The site confirmed that I had an appointment. Still no email. So I started another chat and asked them to make the appointment. They said they would be happy to do that. And after asking for my phone number, the chat ended. I later went to the store at the time I had requested and of course they didn't have any record of an appointment. So I asked them to make one for me. For Oct 28. I still have not seen an email.

Verizon does not have an email address for support issues.

So my question is, does Verizon even try to provide support to existing customers? Is there any reason to stay with Verizon?



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We are more than happy to look into your service concerns with you here. To allow us to do so, please leave us a Private Note here, or reach out to us online @VZWSupport on Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to reviewing this matter with you directly.