Verizon device credit for transferring to Verizon

I was an ATT customer for more than 10 years and as their service degraded over time in my area, I needed to switch carriers.  Earlier this summer and I think it is still happening, I saw that Verizon had a promotion to switch to their service and receive a credit of $700 for each line/phone I sent in.  I checked to see that all 5 of my phones qualified and they all did and  they did not have any screen issues or significant damage.  I followed all of the instructions and even received the "trade-in" kits directly from Verizon so that there wouldn't be any issues with USPS.  Worrying that this might be too good to be true, I called Verizon customer service to verify that I was doing everything correctly and they said they put a note on my account saying that I should receive the credits.  Nearly two months later, I see that I have received maybe 2 credits for the "trade-in value" of the phone much less than the $700 advertised and promised by the numerous commercials still airing on TV for this promotiion.

Verizon - where are my credits ?  Where are my old phones?


Re: Verizon device credit for transferring to Verizon
Customer Service Rep

PConn820 We definitely hope that you are having great success with our service, and we want to make sure you receive any promotions that you qualify for. I do know that there are several requirements, and we will review the all. I have sent you a Private Message on this forum. -Dolores