Verizon did an unauthorized chargeback to my account
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I have a business with multiple lines. I cannot and would not do anything to shut any of these lines down. I paid my bill in June or July, and now at the end of October they say there's a charge back and I'm now a cash only customer. If this doesn't get resolved ASAP, I'll be moving all lines to another service. I can't afford the disruption in my business and honestly, I'm just really sick of the run around from Verizon customer service every time there's an issue. Just not worth it anymore. 

Re: Verizon did an unauthorized chargeback to my account
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Nobody here wants you to leave.
I imagine that your journey prior to posting has involved speaking with a member of the Verizon Wireless team in Financial Services. If so, what was shared when requesting a lift of the Cash Only status at 866-266-1445 ?