Verizon did me wrong

ok so my name is shane I started with Verizon 4 years ago and I was limited to 2 lines and no choice of having device installments available at that time well after 7 months my account was reviewed and because of on time payments i was allowed to have installments which was great I felt accomplished with in 2 years I was able to move up from 2 lines to 7 and my account spending limit was lifted to 3000 can you believe that it was a goal I had completed and was very proud of and everything was great other then a few hiccups well in 2019 the pandemic happened and a Financial relief program was created Verizon called it the deferred program in my case it allowed for 3 months of bills be spread out across 6 months well lets say the available information was less then ideal which raised my bill for these 6 months very high doing my best I did what I could and started setting up split payment arrangement which I successfully made and paid everyone of them while in this program I couldn't get devices with down payments like I normally would after speaking with a supervisor in financial support I was assured after I completed the deferred program my account would go back to normal so I wasn't stressing it well the bad got worse 2 days after my last bill was created in the deferred program was posted i received a message saying my bill to account spending limit was updated and after hours on the phone I was told that due to my payment history over the past 6 months while in a financial relief program my account was reviewed and my account spending limit was degraded to a very low number all my hard work over 4 years gone I cant even get a device on installments and Verizon feels this was ok so with that said I will be leaving Verizon such a sad day I hope nobody else was done like this in a time as were in now