Verizon does NOT care about its customers
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So I just had yet ANOTHER nightmare of an order experience with Verizon. I ordered two iphone 12's using the BOGO offer and wow....where do I begin. I made it so I could pick up one of the devices in store and the rest would be shipped. Simple enough, right? Well, not really. 

I call the physical verizon store to check on the status of the phone only to be told that my order cannot be fulfilled for some unknown reason and that I need to cancel and re do my order. WOW.

I call Verizon and they're telling me the dang order is ready and that they sent me an email with the notification which i guarantee DID NOT HAPPEN. Rather than being helpful, the rep keeps telling me that the order is ready for pick up even though I had already told her the employee at the actual store is saying they cannot fulfill it. So then another rep tells me that hey doing that sort of online order that partially ships and then partially picked up isn't possible and that's why the order was canceled. Here's the kicker, NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS CANCELLED. NO ONE BOTHERED TO TELL ME. why. 

SO now I'm on the phone with like the 3rd rep and he's actually able to ship me the dang phone that I was supposed to have in hand by now only to tell me that the port I requested would be canceled and I'd have to do that part again and tell customer service about the BOGO offer so the credit is applied to my account. 

Seriously, what the actual f*ck Verizon. Do you not want customers? Do you want to make ordering the most frustrating experience of all time? Why have customer service when no one is any actual help. Oh! On top of all that, when I received my order one of the accessories I ordered was MISSING and instead of offering an immediate replacement or refund guess what, they placed a ticket. Of which I had to follow up on daily because we already know what a fail their customer service dept is. Finally got my refund processed today. I hate Verizon...

Re: Verizon does NOT care about its customers
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Oh, gosh! I'm sorry to learn of your recent experience, aramirez172! We know getting new phones should be a fun and enjoyable experience. I have sent you a Private Note to best assist.