Verizon does not care about its customers
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New Customer here. Verizon wireless could not be any worst. Spent hours on the phone trying to get a bum sim card to work, end up having to travel to the store. Spent more hours online about rebates that were revoked along with plan details. Also trying to figure out how their billing system works. You get billed post for service but plan adjustments take more than one billing cycle to fix. Biggest regret in cell phone service history. All the surcharges and govt fees. Smh. Its mularkey. Just looking to do 12 months in the concentration camp then pay my phones off and port my numbers to a carrier that actually only charges for what you use. Biggggggest regret of 2021. Will be fixing in 2022. Will not be recommending at all. 

Re: Verizon does not care about its customers
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We definitely appreciate you making the switch and it's very concerning to hear about your impression and your concerns, Shawn0510. We would never want you to leave the Verizon family and it's vital that we turn this around (which I'm sure we can). It sounds like you have some concerns about rebates, billing and possibly other concerns as well. So we can best help out with this, I've sent a Private Note.