Verizon does not guarantee service inside any buidling?
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I have been having problems with poor service within and outside of my home for the past 3 years. Poor connectivity, dropped calls, static, unable to hear the other party and inability to access the internet and use my data. 

In trying to trouble shoot this with Verizon I was informed Verizon does not guarantee service within any building, but they do guarantee service outside of buildings as long as you are not in a rural area or are not with a marginal area.

Seems a little odd that Verizon is fully aware for three years that is has not been able to provide service within and outside my residence due to poor Cell Tower Configuration, Location and Numbers. I live in a major metropolitan area in the US. Why would Verizon continue to take money from a customer when it knows it cannot provide the service?

Any advice?

Re: Verizon does not guarantee service inside any buidling?
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Our top goal is to keep you connected. Do you have access to Wi-Fi inside of the building. This gives you the option to use boost your calling signal and use your service with ease. -Joel