Verizon employee feedback

On July 4th, 2020, at 3:18 P.M. I had the pleasure of being helped by a charming and knowledgeable young lady about a WIFI issue I was having.  I had spoken to at least 5 other employees that day with at least 8 different phone numbers.  The other employees were somewhat helpful (except one...there is a village missing an blockhead somewhere and she works for you).  My young lady was so helpful giving me tips for using my FIOS products more efficiently not to mention solving my problem immediately. The tech I talked to an hour before said I had to contact my WIFI extender manufacturer for the problem. There were no problems.  I wish I could remember my tech’s name.   If there is any way you could to get back with me I would like to make sure she Knows she is getting the credit she DESERVES. 

Re: I want to compliment a Verizon employee.
Customer Service Rep

Jacksable, it is wonderful to read that you had the pleasure of being by one of our great coworkers. It certainly isn't every day that our customers take the time to provide positive feedback. I see you have posted this two days ago were you still looking to provide feedback?