Verizon fraud prevention fails

Hello, I placed an order for a Jetpack MIFI a couple of days ago.  Everything seemed just fine until Verizon fraud prevention requested proof of identity.  I logged into my account using my laptop, and clicked the button to provide my proof of identity.  Rather than having an option to upload any file or anything, the website then asked me if I successfully uploaded my documents (really odd!)  I clicked No, and it just brought me right back to the first page.  I went through this loop several times, and realized, there is no way to provide the documents.  I submitted a support ticket and received a telephone number to call.  I called the number and the lady seemed willing to help.  However, she sent me a link that just says "Access is Forbidden".  She said this is because they had emailed me 3 links during the morning (which is absolutely false, only one link was sent).  Needless to say, this is absolutely unacceptable!

Re: Verizon fraud prevention fails
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out today and for providing such detailed information.


After reviewing the feedback you've shared with our team, we certainly don't want to disappoint you. I know we can and will help get this matter resolved for you as quickly as possible.


Verizon takes protecting our customer's personal and account information very seriously.


As our valued customer, your account concerns are our concerns and we’re here to assist you in any way we can.


Since we will need account-specific details from you, we’ve sent you  a Private Message on this topic:





-Robert C.