Verizon has been a big let down

I have been a Verizon Customer since June of 2019. All my bills have been paid on time and So far due to the fact that  Verizon claims LG offers no factory warrantee I have paid $199 twice to get my sons LG V40 replaced. Now my LG G7 has been giving me trouble for months and I finally went to a verizon store for help figuring after paying on time for 14 months I could get an early upgrade. See I do Security work and with most of the assignments I do, My phone is my only line of communication if something happens. But my LG G7 keeps freezing up and have to constantly restart it and have factory reset more than once and sometimes I push the power button and it won't let me shut down or restart. But anyways I went to the Verizon store and the people really sympathized with my situation but couldn't help me. They told me only IPhone and Samsung Galaxy were eligible For the early upgrade. Now I finally understand why more than one of my friends warned me about signing up with Verizon. You know a huge corporation like Verizon wouldn't lose a dime helping a loyal customer get a better phone. I can't wait till my contract is over and hopefully get treated better elsewhere. Until then guess I will just have to keep my fingers crossed. I will definitely Share my experience with Verizon with all my friends on Social media.