Verizon is discriminating against me and refuses to refund me.

20 year customer.

i opened a second line then immediately canceled it because i was lied to multiple times by the cs reps.

now they refuse to reverse the charges.

i am left with leaving the service today by porting and filing a complaint with whom ever i can legally.. if that doesn't work, then small claims court.

what else can i do..  alli want is the bill to be proper. 

never have i experienced poor and rude service by the reps until covid started.

since covid,  absolutely terrible.  very disappointed.

every time i call, i feel the discrimination start  and the condescending talk they do to me based solely off my name.

every. time.



Re: Verizon is discriminating against me and refuses to refund me.
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That's a pretty bold claim. Your post is also missing details in how you were lied to. 

What charges? Cost of the second line? Cost of equipment (most promos take 1 - 2 cycles to kick in)?

Returning a phone can't be refused if you did this within 14 days, has nothing to do with your name. Taxes get refunded to you, days of service you had it for do not. If you opened packaging to a new phone, you're also subject to a restocking fee. This is a standard charge since the phone has to be resold at a loss. Same for ports charging a full service as those bill to end of cycle. The latter two applies to everyone and would not fall under discrimination.

I've been discriminated majority of my life and dislike it when the term is misused.