Verizon keeps adding insurance and protections to my account

So, I've had Verizon for a few years. Since I first switched to them, it seems like every time I've noticed my bill is higher than it should be I would check the bill and there are insurances, sometimes multiple conflicting coverages on the same lines. I've called numorous times about it, we'll get it fixed, then it'll happen again. I personally only have ever or would ever get the cheapest basic insurance. When I had multiple lines they at one point had me on the highest individual insurance and the family insurance at the same time. Got that fixed several months back and the agent credited the money back to my account. In January I closed all lines except my own. I just found out today that since that first bill with one line they've been charging me for Home Device coverage. Not only would I never sign up for that in the first place, my first move when something electronic isn't working in my home isn't to call a support line anyway. I used the text chat support about it today and the lady I talked to said that I talked to someone in "September about it and they told me how to cancel it and I didn't respond to their chat" A few things about that: this didn't even start getting charged for until January of this year, so I didn't talk to anyone about it yet. What she's talking about is one of the other times I tried text chat and the person on the other end sent me directions on how to cancel the insurance... as if that were the issue; me not being smart enough to know how to cancel it. No. The problem is that I never signed up for it in the first place. I ended up finally being able to talk to someone else about that and they credited the account for what they'd been charging for that time.... but now it's happened again. I already went and canceled what they'd been charging for, but their inept service department hasn't credited my account back, so I looked back through all my bills and figured out when they started charging for things. I'm the only one on the account. I'm not blacking out and signing up for coverage I don't need. 

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