Verizon mailed my device to the wrong address

I am very disappointed with Verizon Wireless.. I had paid to get a new Apple Watch series 6 through them and they managed to mail it to the wrong address, let alone wrong city. They then tried to tell me I was at fault which I certainly was not. I should have gotten my watch on January 7th 2021, and have now reached out twice since then. The initial conversation I had I was told they would reach out to me after three business days... I am writing this as it is now the 20th of January and have reached out a second time on the 14th and still have no answers. They never reached out to me like they had said they would.  How many times does someone need to reach out to Verizon for the company’s wrong doing when your own personal money is involved. An “investigation” has been placed but the least they could do is let me get a new one?? EXTREMELY disappointed and frustrated.  

Re: Verizon mailed my device to the wrong address
Customer Service Rep

We certainly understand your frustration with not receiving your new Apple Watch, UpsetUser. It's difficult for us to do much with orders after they have been delivered, but we can certainly help investigating the order and the watch status to fix the issue and ensure you have the device you want.