Verizon messed up my order and won't resolve the issue

I recently ordered 4 new iPhones for my family. We wanted to upgrade our existing iPhones to the new 14 pro iPhones under their 'trade-in' program. Should be simple enough right? Verizon sends me new phones I send back my old ones.

Well here I am now having spent countless hours on verizon chat support, phones calls with various support agents, supervisors, etc and so far have only received 1 phone. 2 phones were sent to another customer (that customer actually texted me out of the blue and said 'hey, I think I received your phones, do you have mine?). That customer sent the phones back, but verizon can't (or won't) admit to their mistake, and can't seem to get me those phones or replacement phones. 

One agent told me that he was showing 2 phones delivered and 2 not shipped (wrong). 

Another agent told me the phones were not lost and were still 'waiting to be shipped' (wrong).

I even had one agent try to blame shift it back to me because I did not make the order online but through the phone (what's up with that)?

I'm sitting here on the phone now with an agent and have been on the line for 1hr56 mins. Still no resolution, even though he says he can fix it. 

I've never been so frustrated with a company before. It is laughable the things I have heard over the last 2 weeks in trying to get this sorted out. 

So, while this guy trys to resolve this with me on hold, I'm using my time to check out AT&T and T-Mobile options to switch carriers.

Re: Verizon messed up my order and won't resolve the issue
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