Verizon misled me and I lost over $400

I did an early upgrade through the app. I owed $175 on the phone I had. iPhone 11. It had said online when I went to checkout that we would get the credit starting within 3 months of them receiving the device. So we understood that essentially the new iPhone 13 pro would cost us about $16 instead of $30 a month with the promo credits for returning the device. 
I had called multiple times when they got the device and at one point even talked with a supervisor. She said she fixed it and starting the next billing cycle ( which is the one we’re in now ) we’d see the credits. 
the credits never showed up so I call today and now this guy tells me no, sorry for the wrong info you received but your not getting any credits. 
had we known this we’d have paid the last $175 of $600 we owed on the phone, traded it in then upgraded. 
but of course, we can’t get the phone back and pay them the $175 to get the credits we were told by a SUPERVISOR we’d get. 
We have been loyal Verizon customers and weren’t offered anything for the false information we received. We are considering paying off our phones now and going with a new carrier as the service is not even that good. 
shame on you Verizon, I will make sure all family and friends stick with another carrier

Re: Verizon misled me and I lost over $400
Customer Service Rep

Dear Logang2318 - fear not, because your worrying days are over! I'm here to make this right, and we really appreciate your patience while this gets sorted out, and thanks for not giving up! Please send us a Private Note so that we can discuss this in private, okay?