Verizon no longer works inside house

This has been ongoing for several weeks now. I spent a few days troubleshooting (over a very poor connection) and was told I'd be sent a network extender. Nobody ever followed up. I tried all of the solutions numerous times and nothing worked. Everything works fine again eight miles down the road, and just about everywhere else. I have had this account for eight years and not had this problem before. I plan on cancelling my account as soon as possible; this is ridiculous.


I have an iPhone 11. My zip code is 95449 so you can go ahead and tell me that everything looks to be in working order in my area, which it most definitely is not.

Re: Verizon no longer works inside house
Customer Service Rep


We never want to hear that you want to cancel after eight years of loyalty with us. Allow us to take a look into this for you and respond to my private note.