Verizon-provided SIM "doesn't work on our network"
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My old SIM is damaged, so I ordered a new one from Verizon. Had this problem, ordered a second, and still have this problem.

In My Verizon, I go to Activate My SIM Card. It asks me which device I want to put the SIM in, and then asks for the SIM's ICCID. For all three SIMs' ICCID values, I then receive the message "Sorry your SIM doesn't work on our network." This includes the old, damaged SIM that has been working on Verizon's network for years until now.

In fact, both of the new SIMs offer to connect to Verizon when I put them into my phone, but I do not want to set them up like this as they attempt to change my phone number (they act as if I am bringing a new device). I want to retain my existing phone number.

What do I need to do to activate a SIM that Verizon has given me so that it replaces my existing SIM? The ICCID for the latest SIM I received is 89148000006072483561. Thank you.

Re: Verizon-provided SIM "doesn't work on our network"
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Hello, we can look into this for you. Please send us a Private Note to proceed.