Verizon refusing to honor original promotion

Complicated story. I placed an order with some labor day promotions online, and did not receive my phone in time. Turns out something happened with the Verizon back end system and they used my maiden name instead of the name I ordered with, and it messed the whole order up. I called customer service and they said they would honor my original labor day promotions and cancel and reorder with my correct name (which I put in the application in the first place!). Now a month later and after 15 hours of talking to customer service on the phone, they are still refusing the honor the promotion as they originally said, even though it was a problem on the Verizon system side! I only made the switch to Verizon because of these promotions in the first place, and only went through with replacing the order correctly after they had promised that the original promotions would be honored. They are saying they cannot do anything and I have to send a snail mail letter to the correspondence team? What else can I do?

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Customer Service Rep

Oh my, so sorry to hear about the concern over the promotion, vzwnew1. I can totally understand why that would be confusing and we are happy to help figure this out. That's certainly not the experience we want for you. I know this has taken far more time than you would have liked and I'm confident we can figure this out. We'll need some more details about this and so we have sent a Private Note for further assistance.