Verizon's BOGO free deal is an issue
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I am very upset at how I’ve been lied to and tricked by Verizon and then nobody in customer service has made any steps to resolve this in a way that is living up to what I was told.

First at the Smith Haven Verizon store where I was told that the BOGO offer meant I could get a second phone for someone else as long as they were an existing Verizon customer. 

When I saw I was being billed for an extra line attached to this new phone that I had gifted a family member in addition to my real phone number, thought there had been a mistake and so I went back to the Smith Haven Verizon where at first they pretended there hadn’t even been a BOGO promotion when I purchased. And then I got told they couldn’t fix the situation in the store. 

I then spent hours on the phone with the customer service number and nobody did anything right by me at all. It all feels very deceitful and a money grab by Verizon to figure out a way to trick people into paying for a service (a new phone line) forever that they will never use.

I need someone at Verizon to rectify my situation and cease charging me for something I did not know would happen, nor did I want, and nor will I use.  

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Re: Verizon's BOGO free deal is an issue
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Good luck, I just keep being passed around, no one seems to know answers to anything and they keep asking repeated questions in chat or email.  I kick myself for even going back to Verizon.  I'm about to cut my losses and leave again.  Their own systems are always having issues or slow or not enough reps to take care of you, and if they get disconnected they never call back or try to reach out to you.  Very sad companies no longer care about their service a long as they are lining their pockets.

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