Verizon's Mistake

Someone please explain to me how this makes sense. I used one of my checking accounts to pay my phone bill. Verizon accepted and processed my payment. A couple days later I found a pending transaction in my other checking account for the bill I just paid. When I called Verizon Customer Service, the lady said all I could do was call my bank and have them stop the transaction. I called my bank, had them stop the pending transaction. I got charged a $35 fee for stopping a payment that was already paid for. Complete bullshit. So now I'm out $35 for a mistake Verizon made. Great Customer Service huh, that's okay, my contract is almost up, I'll take my service to AT&T.

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Something similar happened to me once, they processed my payment twice. Call Customer Support back. They can credit you the stop payment fee. They did for me.