Verizon's Online Authorization Process is Incredibly Frustrating

When I try to activate an eSIM on a newly purchased iPhone, Verizon offers only a single option to authorize the activation--texting a code to the OTHER number on my account.

There are two numbers on my account. One is for me, and one is for my mom. I pay for my mom's phone plan. However, my mom lives on the other side of the country, and it is not reasonable for me or anyone to expect her to be available at the drop of the hat. I am now sitting here unable to activate my eSIM until she responds to an EMAIL (because, of course, I can't use my regular phone).

This is an unacceptably asinine process. For one, what if there's only one number on my account? How does the authorization process work? For two, why is texting SOMEONE ELSE the only way to authorize my account? What if the other number is compromised? Why can't I authorize using my email on the account, or my password, or anything else that would make way more sense?

Re: Verizon's Online Authorization Process is Incredibly Frustrating
Customer Service Rep

Good evening Mike, 


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