Verizon's Poor Loyalty Discount - A Disincentive
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Short and sweet: There's a loyalty discount, but you really don't want it unless you have a couple lines. It's a broken system, they haven't fixed it, and I challenge anyone to try.  Mash the Like Button for Change.

I've been loyal to Verizon for over 20 years. I have a Motorola 120C and the receipts to prove it. I've seen ups, and downs with Verizon... I've been forced off of unlimited data only to see it rebranded as Unlimited data. I've had FIOS and been told there were no bundles. Water under the bridge.

Recently, and by recently I mean since 2020, the Powers that Be at Verizon have mercifully decided that I should be granted a loyalty discount -- and quite a discount at that. As part of their Start Unlimited rollout, to get all of us grandfathered folks back in, possibly, they offered a discount of $40 off the 2 lines I currently held. This was much better than the employer discount I had been using for many years previous. Nice deal, and thank you Verizon for that.

Strange thing is... Loyalty Discounts don't scale with number of years with Verizon. This is Poor Management™ -- something they should look into. 2 decades is quite a while for a customer to stick with company, and I would guess we old customers would have suggestions that keep our mutual best interests in mind. I'll go a step further, for those that aren't aware (and a warning for those that didn't know of this loyalty discount) --- Verizon's Loyalty Discount is Inversely Proportional to the number of lines you have. Inversely Proportional.

If I added a line to my 2 line plan, the discount goes Down by $15. As my lines (read cash to Verizon) go up, my discount goes down. Loyalty Discount now -- $25. I can only imagine if I got 4 lines, $10? Wait, 5 lines... would I be Paying Verizon for my own Loyalty? This is a Disincentive. I should reduce to 1 line and maybe get $55 back. Wouldn't they want me to have more lines?  It nets them more money, more product, more usage, and likely a tighter grip on the customer, yet, they disincentivize it?

Now I get it, as you add more lines to Everyone's plan (with autopay and paperless), you get some savings... but that savings is for Everyone. Joe Highschooler can walk in and add a line for the same savings, while loyal old me is here loses out on my Loyalty. Again, not the right incentive, and loyalty has nothing to do with phone lines. Telling me (as many phone and chat reps have done) that I get my loyalty savings back in plan discounts is just a plain Lie. I don't get anything Back there, as everyone is entitled to that savings. 

Imagine when I got the text from Verizon MSG: "Hi, it's Verizon. You're eligible to get Samsung Galaxy A02s on us, when you add a new line on Start Unlimited for just $15/mo more than you pay now. Plus taxes and fees." This is False. I paid $30/mo more, for that additional line, because of the previous paragraph. You can take a look at my billing statements. 

One of the phone reps saw the problem, and tried to get a support request in. It went nowhere. You want the ticket number, I'm happy to provide it. The chat reps run when I even bring this up. "Let me take a moment to research this..." "Another Moment please" followed by "Not Delivered" "Not Delivered" "Not Delivered". Some chat reps say this is a grandfathered loyalty discount. Well, since I got it in 2020 during Start Unlimited, seems pretty new.

I believe they are taking advantage of the old loyal customers because we weren't shaken off in the past. Don't you realize that these seasoned folk actually want to see Verizon succeed with us? Make a loyalty discount that works, that at Least does not disincentivize getting more lines. At 5 lines, I'd be better off NOT being a loyal customer and going back to my employer discount, if they haven't secretly taken that away from us. 

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