Verizon sent me to collections 2 weeks after they moved a payment from one account to another

#1 Lost photos - I switched cell service providers for 10 days.  I called Verizon after 10 days to switch back to them - my first time ever leaving their service for over 12 years.  I was paying $9/month for Verizon Cloud and had over 16GB of photos there.  When I called to re-establish service, my photos were gone.  Huge problem number 1.  Verizon's policy was to save photos for 30 days - after 10 days, my history of photos was somehow missing and to this day I have not be reimbursed for the money I spent to store my photos, nor have the photos been restored.

#2 - When I (re-opened) my Verizon service, instead of just re-activating my previous account, they created a new sub-account without making me directly aware of this.  I received a bill in the mail for re-activating my account, so I logged in on the MyVerizon app, signed into (what I thought was) my active account, and paid the bill.  Though I noticed it showed that $0 was due in my app, I just figured something simple was amiss, and I made the payment to that account.  Two weeks later, my phone was shut off on a day that I had an interview scheduled, no less.  I contacted Verizon and they said it was for non-payment of my bill.  After 1.5 hours on the phone with several Verizon reps, I - not them - but I discovered that the sub-accounts had switched.  My old account had ended in 00001, but they had created a new account that ended in 00003.  The Verizon rep still couldn't find my photos once I informed her of this discovery, but she saw my payment on that old account. She said she would submit a transfer from the 01 to the 03 account, but that would take FIVE DAYS, and she couldn't turn my service on without me paying. So I had to shell out another payment to pay the 03 bill that I had already paid on the 01 account to get my services activated that day, so that I could have my interview.  My payment was never transferred from the 01 account to the 03 account (to my knowledge), but they had shut down access now to my 01 account, so I couldn't see any transactions.  They charged me a late fee and a reconnect fee as well.  They never reimbursed those either.

I called again at a later date to try to get my money back from the 01 account, and the call ended with a promise - once again - my money was not trasferred.

Aug 2021 - nearly a year later, I called again.  After the most rude customer no-service rep I have ever spoken to in my life gave me lip, she still said she would transfer the money, and did.  She transferred $175.25 from my 01 account to my 03 account - yay, right?  nope. 

On Sep 1 - without any statements, notifications from Verizon, or warning, my 01 account was REFERRED TO A COLLECTION AGENCY for the $175.25!!!  Which means that my perfect credit score has now undoubtedly been affected!

Upon this discovery, I was on the phone with 5 different people that day and NONE of them could help me.  NONE of them could view the 01 account, ALL of them hung up on me or dropped the call, and NONE of them would promise to call me back if they dropped my call (one of these people even said it was for "account security" that they would not take my number and call me back if they dropped my call).  I was told to call the collection agency for listing on my account. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES VERIZON LOSE PHOTOS AND ACCOUNT INFORMATION but expect a collection agency to have Verizon account information????  

HOURS and HOURS and HOURS I have spent with Verizon's Customer No-Service and NOTHING has happened.

I have filed a dispute with the collection agency, and I have filed a complaint with the BBB (which I don't find it surprising the Verizon is not an active member of).  Next up - attorney.