Verizon services spotty
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I have noticed my service has been extremely spotty not just at home, anywhere I travel to, sometimes unable to call landlines Verizon claiming can’t dial out, calls dropping, no internet access, unable to send text. This continues to get worse whether I’m at home or work or traveling in another state, very inconvenient when I am traveling and I have no service nothing to rely on if something were to go wrong just a brick to call a phone. 

Re: Verizon services spotty
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We know the importance of being able to access your device and service wherever you travel to. To start, have you engaged in any troubleshooting on your device? If so, what specific steps have been taken to attempt to resolve this issue with your device's connectivity?




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Re: Verizon services spotty
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Is it a 4G device?  I believe that Verizon is choosing to focus on FIOS and 5G at the expense of 4G service.  It looks like you are experiencing the results.  

Re: Verizon services spotty
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Myself and many others have this problem I been trying to get help for several months