Verizon terrible
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I remember winds rising was a company that cared and provided good quality customer service. Now Verizon absolutely terrible!   The digital assistant is the biggest piece of dirt of a system I have ever seen. It's an act of God to try to talk to an agent through the digital assistant.  It Tells me my bills in collections when it isn't. That's the only time I can get through to an agent using the digital assistant is when I want to purchase something. I had problems with my account for months now. I lost a bunch of data . Ive had cruddy service. Getting  a  knowledgeable customer service agent that actually cares and doesnt treat you like an blockhead Is rare. Very rare!   3 times I was told by representatives of Verizon that I would get a call back. I talked to an agent for almost an hour about my issues and problems. He told me not to do anything to my ascount and said he would call me back in a month. And at that point I would get my data back and I would get everything straightened out. He never called me back. The changes I wanted to make never happened. The phones that i had suspended  and wanted to terminate got reactivated. And my bill exponentially went up. I still can't seem to get through to Verizon.  Why is Verizon customer service the worst out there. Why is Verizon customer service the worst out there. I honest believe 2 guys working out of their garage can provide better better customer service than Verizon.   When I purchased my s20 . 7-28-2020.  I was led to believe that they did not come with an external SD card option at all. All s 20s!!  I am just now finding out that they do. The sales people in the stores didn't know the difference at the time. Leaving me a victim of Verizon yet once again. At this point Verizon. KISS MY butt! Send a bill im not gonna pay

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Other would agree including myself the agent are nothing more than script readers who ignore anything you say 

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There is no question: Verizon's customer support is the WORST!!! I was with them when they used to be the best.  And the same "lousy service" goes all the way up to the Executive Vice President's office - Ronan Dunne....   His office and all the rest of Verizon support are  pretty much useless!

My recommendation, as a "Hail Mary Pass" for you is to call in to 611 and then tell the person you get that you want to be transferred to the Customer Retention Dept.   - - Let them know that you are fed up with the lousy service, and that you're planning on leaving Verizon.  If possible, once you get to that dept, ask for a manager, especially if the first person to answer in that dept. isn't helping you.  Good luck!

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I have spent 12 hours over the last few weeks on calls and chats to fix issues Verizon created on our new phones.  They have the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced.  

I will 100% be switching once our phones are paid off.  These crooks charged we for a bunch of products that I never ordered and then told me it would take 30 days to refund my money.


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This is definitely not the experience we want you to have. We would be more than happy to assist you with getting to the bottom of this ASAP! We will be sending you a Private Note, so we can further assist you.