Verizon to Verizon Account Transfer
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I have been on the phone with customer service since 9/26 trying to transfer an active number from my plan onto their own plan, explaining our situation at least 10-15.  The person wanting to leave my plan and go on his own plan, has already gone through the approval process, but it appears the system is not allowing the transition to be completed, each time escalating into the escalation department where we have to explain the situation again, in which we’re told they will report the problem and call us back, but we’re not getting call backs with a resolution.  The situation still exists that we would like to transfer a non primary number into it’s own plan, ultimately being the primary number for the new verizon plan.  

Our patience has worn out and I think the president and CEO at Headquarters would be interested in learning how difficult it is to transfer an active existing verizon number from another active existing verizon account, as well as why nobody has reached out each time we’re told they would call us back.  

Seeking resolution!

Re: Verizon to Verizon Account Transfer
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That's not making sense because I used to work for Transfer Your Service a few years ago. Something definitely feels like it's missing.

All you need to do from your end is call once to release the phone number and that's it. Everything after is handled by the assuming party. After they did a credit check, they would either get their approval or denial/have to pay a large deposit. Assuming everything was fine with the credit check, next step takes a couple minutes of assigning authorized users, choosing a plan and sending terms and conditions to be accepted.

Even the worst technical errors, those took around 24hrs to clear. Of the hundreds of transfer calls I've done, majority of them take less than 10 minutes if the agent knows what they are doing.

Re: Verizon to Verizon Account Transfer
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Hello, we can look into this for you, we are here to aid in any way we can. Please send us a Private Note to proceed.