Verizon trade-in issue

I truly believe the customer personnel do care about doing the right thing for the customers. However, I also truly believe that Verizon has made the strategic decision to make their very enticing marketing offers (e.g. huge trade in values) almost impossible to receive!  It's like the insurance company denying all first claims and only paying when the customer fights really, really hard.  They make it so hard and the drag their feet for soooooo long that they know most people will just give up! 

Well, I've been on chats or on the phone with Verizon 6 times now. Here's how long each session lasted:

1.25 hours

0.5 hours

5.5 hours!!!!

2.0 hours

2.5 hours

1.25 hours

And I still do not have the credits I was promised. And I sent in my trade in phones 6 months ago!

Hey, Verizon, I know you're banking on me giving up, but I'm not going to. So quit the stalling, you're just wasting your time now.