Verizon unwilling to refund money for an order placed incorrectly that had to be cancelled and a bew order placed

Why do I have to spend hours on the phone 1.5 hrs one day & 1+ today, and at least another hour trying to call to the store well as cold transferred multiple times to find out where my refund for an order placed with VZW ONLINE chat rep that she placed incorrectly that the Indirect store had to call in more than 4 times during a 2.5 hours in store visit by me to get them to be able to place a new order to get me an upgraded phone? Today I'm being told it is my responsibility to go into the store and ask them to ask them to give me a Check refund!  My email sent over 7 days ago from VZW says I should receive my refund within 72 hours....  Unbelievable..... I would have never let a customer go through this! Good job VZW and why do I not got to AT&T??  I think myself and my other 4-5 lines maybe happier there.