Verizon vs FirstNet any experience?
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SO I have noticed since as early as last year, in my area of Michigan, service has noticeably deteriorated.  I can't be sure, but I am betting the 5G transition is taking priority and therefore the "old" network is being neglected. It's sad.

I'm close to switching to at&t as I am eligible for FirstNet access and my coworker has true LTE speeds inside our building at work. 

Even in the 911 center I work in, with an on site repeater system, we get MAYBE 1-2 bars of service and speediest is showing less that 2 Mbps download speed on LTE. I have even found that I get a stronger signal by turning LTE off and forcing 3G service. So disappointing as Verizon has been so good to me for so long.....they have just really let their service slide lately around here.

Has anyone else had experience moving from Verizon to FirstNet? Happy or regret it?