Verizon will not honor promised trade-in

I am so frustrated with Verizon I am getting ready to leave after being a loyal customer for years. I bought a Pixel 6 Pro last November, and was promised a promotional trade-in for my Note 9 of $440.

After chatting with a rep who promised me that I would receive the $440, I mailed my phone in. Once they got it, they reduced my trade-in value to a $94 gift card, which I never received.

I chatted with an agent again who could see the previous transcript where I was promised my credit, and she just said that she was sorry it happened, and they would make sure that it didn't happen again. No resolution for me at all. I don't understand how they can treat customers this way.

Re: Verizon will not honor promised trade-in
Customer Service Rep

Rokkett, it's important to us that our customers are in receipt of the discounts that they qualified for. We can definitely look into your trade-in matter here. We have sent you a private message regarding this matter. Please respond at your convenience.