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I took advantage of what now appears to be an offer that was too good to be true: traded in my old i phone for a new i phone mini. I still have not received credit for my trade in which I sent back on 1/6/2021, tracked  and was received at Verizon Ft. Worth warehouse according to my tracking on 1/12/2021. I have spent hours and HOURS on-line with customer support, on the phone with billing and have visited Verizon stores 3 times trying to resolve this. At my most recent visit to a store, the manager said that is something they cannot help with and would not even look at the tracking information I had with me. Gave me a phone # to call: 1-800-392-0717 and said I would definitely get a human being on the phone at that number. Ummm....NO.  I really regret this trade-in...the phone is not worth what I am currently being billed and am very disappointed that as a 12+ year customer of Verizon Wireless to find their customer service has degraded so badly. I am currently in the process of filing a consumer complaint with the Texas Attorney General. If a company cannot service their customers, they shouldn't be doing business here.

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We definitely understand wanting to get the best deal possible. Please send us a Private message so that we may access your account and help look into this for you. 

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Unfortunately it is too late now for you but I never, I mean never send a device to Verizon for trade. There are too many stories in this forum explaining lost phones, phones that claimed to be damaged on receipt or other bogus stories. 

I've been with Verizon for 28 years but now I buy all my devices from Apple or Best Buy. Within the last five months I traded three iPhones with Apple. They quote the price, I send it to them and within a week I have my credit. No games, no hassle. 

I'm sorry this doesn't help your situation. Too bad more people don't check the posts here before falling for a deal that is too good to be true and ends up costing more money.