Very Weak Cell Phone Service

Zip code 66062

Started 6/17/20.  Have been working from home since 3/25/20 and have had no issues with reception or signal strength.  Now only have one bar.  Calls are being dropped mid-call or I cannot make calls.

I need to conduct business with my phone.

All other mobile phones in the home have very poor signal.

Call quality is breaking up and drops.

Motorola Droid Moto-Z

Re: Very Weak Cell Phone Service
Customer Service Rep

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, mwallace59. We know the importance of needing to have your cell phone service to work while conducting business. How far would you need to travel before you can pick up better service? Are you only having issues while at home? Please provide me with some details.  KevinR_VZW