Very poor cell reception in our home via Wireless Home Phone
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We're in Raleigh NC, and are experiencing extremely poor cell receptions on all of our cell phones inside our home and we are dropping calls all day long on our Wireless home phone.  We have had Verizon for decades. In fact it has been our ONLY cell provider and we were loyal because of its reliability but at this point we are looking at other options. We are dropping calls inside our home all day long. Given the fact that this Wireless Home Phone is our business line, it is more than problematic. It's costing us clients and it's not sustainable. We have tried reaching out to Verizon and have heard crickets from them. What happened to customer service? You guys used to be awesome. The difference is drastic. The problem only happens in our home (we have lived there for 12 years!!!!!! And had Verizon the ENTIRE time!) We have 2 bars at most in our entire home. We drop calls repeatedly. But if we go outside in the middle of a greenway, we can miraculously conduct business and not drop calls. I never thought we would switch but there's got to be other more reliable options.

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